Dask Cloud Provider

Dask Cloud ProviderΒΆ

Native Cloud integration for Dask.

This package provides classes for constructing and managing ephemeral Dask clusters on various cloud platforms.

Dask Cloud Provider is one of many options for deploying Dask clusters, see Deploying Dask in the Dask documentation for an overview of additional options.

To use a cloud provider cluster manager you can import it and instantiate it. Instantiating the class will result in cloud resources being created for you.

from dask_cloudprovider.aws import FargateCluster
cluster = FargateCluster(
    # Cluster manager specific config kwargs

You can then construct a Dask client with that cluster object to use the cluster.

from dask.distributed import Client
client = Client(cluster)

Once you are connected to the cluster you can go ahead and use Dask and all computation will take place on your cloud resource.

Once you are finished be sure to close out your cluster to shut down any cloud resources you have and end any charges.



Cluster managers will attempt to automatically remove hanging cloud resources on garbage collection if the cluster object is destroyed without calling cluster.close(), however this is not guaranteed.

To implicitly close your cluster when you are done with it you can optionally contruct the cluster manager via a context manager. However this will result in the creation and destruction of the whole cluster whenever you run this code.

from dask_cloudprovider.aws import FargateCluster
from dask.distributed import Client

with FargateCluster(...) as cluster:
    with Client(cluster) as client:
        # Do some Dask things